Small Business Tax Return Services

When it comes to filing your small business income tax, having the right professionals taking care of you is the key!

Our small business tax return experts will make sure you are receiving the maximum tax deductions your business deserves. Not only will we work with you to organize and prepare your small business tax return, we’ll include a summary list of deductible amounts from the information provided to us.  These amounts will appear on your small business worksheets.

This will include all expenses from:

  • Sales Revenue
  • Salaries and Benefits
  • Office Expenses
  • Meals and Entertainment
  • Accounting and Legal Fees
  • Advertising and Promotions
  • Business Insurance
  • Travel Expenses
  • Phone and Cell Phone
  • Automotive Expenses
  • Home/ Office Expenses

Let us take care of your bookkeeping, tax, and administrative needs today!